Friday, December 2, 2016

The Mugwumps/The Vapids Split 7"

Splits are great! I like seeing them happen and even more so when it's a couple of bands that don't typically do them or never before. This kind of split is special because it isn't coming from a place where exposure is the primary objective, but instead being a dual statement of creativity and compatibility. That's exactly what The Mugwumps who are doing this for the first time and The Vapids who have but on very few occasions decided to do after years of knowing each other when the timing was right; and it's a perfect pairing! Both of these great punk rock bands have the tendency to do no wrong in my eyes with each move they make, and this little split 7" follows in that tradition. First up are the Austrians who always seem to have an infinitely perfect grasp of the Dee Dee three words, a chorus, and the three words saying it all philosophy. The first track "Ka-Mun-Rah!" is a lightening fast, school of Head piece that's over before you can think about it too long, but they don't leave you feeling cheated because a different side of what they do so well awaits in the second track. "The Reason" is a simple yet completely powerful ballad that tugs at my heartstrings with no false pretense. Just a perfect little gem that's been stuck in my memory since the first time I heard it, because that's where good songs stay. Now it's time for the Canadian veterans and absolute badasses(who have also made a magnificent full length LP that I'll be getting to soon) to take over. I feel a lot of hope watching these guys keep moving because the way they play is what this world desperately needs when thinking about what punk rock should be. No fuss, no fluff, no bullshit overproduction. Just stripped down rock 'n' roll that's ready to kick your ass with lots of heart and that is exactly what the first track "Dangerous Game" is. Those guitars are distinct to the trademark Vapids sound and Jimmy's beautifully gritty voice is one of a man that's stood the test of time, retaining great importance for me. It really carries through and I love how poetic he is in his lyrics with this one touching on a darker side of life. "Capital City Creeps" exudes lots of early punk attitude as well and gets job done in an impressive one minute and thirteen seconds. No time wasted! I know I'm always going to get what I want when I listen to either of these bands and am very happy to own this record. Get into it if you've got good taste!

The Mugwumps are...
Chris- Guitar and Vocals
Hank- Bass
Andy- Drums

Their Side
"The Reason"

All songs written by Chris.

The Vapids are...
Jim- Vocals and Guitar
Scotty- Drums
Matt- Guitar
Eric- Bass

Their Side
"Dangerous Game"
"Capital City Creeps"

All songs written by JV.

Label: Striped Records
Buy it here.
Stream it here.

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