Friday, December 9, 2016

Song Premiere- The Connection- "Southern Girls"(Cheap Trick)

From the point of when Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and a precious handful of exceptional people put the pieces together for what we all know as Rock 'n' Roll today, our universe was changed for the better. Anything good that has happened in the genre after it's creation stays true to those roots by means of influence. It's something that can be heard within seconds, is the determining factor in my choosing to give a band my time, and that's the reason I'm into The Connection. They get this principle and it comes through loud and clear with each move they make! Their stripped down and fun approach shined through perfectly on the latest LP, "Labor Of Love" and coming off of the heels from that release, they put a new idea into motion that I really dig. It was to choose a series of cover songs that have impacted their vision as a band and it's aptly entitled, "Just For Fun!". The picks range from Buddy Holly to The Dictators in naming a couple examples of what can be expected, but the coolness in this project didn't stop there. As New Hampshire rockers with much admiration for the musicians in their scene who helped to pave the way before them, they reached out to none other than B-Face. This mythical man who has accomplished a lot to be admired in his work as a bass player with many bands from The Queers to The Real Kids, and is without a doubt my most favorite one to watch play live was a perfect choice to include for a guest spot on three of it's tracks. I have the pleasure of introducing one of those today and it's a beautiful rendition of Cheap Trick's "Southern Girls"!

Give it a listen here.

The Connection is...
Brad Marino- Lead Vocals and Guitar
Geoff Palmer- Guitar and Vocals
Kris Rodgers- Keys and Vocals
Bobby Davis- Bass
Craig Sala- Drums

1. "Get Out Of Denver"
2. "Stay With Me"
3. "I Can Read Between The Lines"
4. "Other Guys' Girls"
5. "Streets Of Baltimore"
6. "Teenage News"
7. "No Expectations"
8. "Southern Girls"
9. "Think It Over"
10. "Haircut"

Label: Rum Bar Records
Digital release will happen on 12/16 and the CD is slated for shipment in January. Both options can be pre-ordered here.

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