Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mind Spiders- Prosthesis

A lot of bands stay within a certain range of comfort. It's not anything terrible but I have to admit I'm always a little more captured by the ones that don't. Mind Spiders are certainly one that align to the latter and I've been amazed to watch their evolution with each release they have. The three records preceding this one all have a unique element of experimentation building around the post punk foundation Mark Ryan has created as a songwriter for this project. It's not a derivative of the genre either, but rather very much a revival and I love it. My curiosity was peaked right from the moment of seeing the cover art for this LP with each of their faces appearing as death masks against a very simple contrast. It's beautiful and I can say my sentiment is very much the same for it's eight tracks. They do pick up from where "Inhumanistic" left off in a sense with heavier synth but the're all the more perfected, threading into each other like a moving landscape with lyrics touching into a certain darkness that's draped in a lot of mystery. It's one of those records that takes me outside of myself whenever I hear it and that's a good thing! I always move from start to finish whenever it gets a spin on the turntable or plays from my phone but I do have three absolute favorites. "Running" has such a great even calm to frantic arrangement, in a very Devo sort of way, Think "Gut Feeling". "Cold" is also another that I adore for it's complete detachment in a sense, but still having a big impact with it's driving rhythm. There is a fantastic video they made for it that you can check out here if you missed it! The third in my choice has to be the closer, "Ulcer" for it's hypnotic synth, rich bass tone, and shadowy guitars. It's a perfect example of why Mark is one of my most favorite songwriters and I look forward to seeing what will come next in this entity known as Mind Spiders. Music is better for it's existence.

Mind Spiders are...
Mark Ryan- Guitar, Vocals, Synth
Mike Throneberry- Drums
Peter Salisbury- Synth
Daniel Fried- Bass

All songs written by Mark Ryan.

Side A
1. "Rip It Out"
2. "No Filter"
3. "Running"
4. "Cold"
Side B
5. "Prosthesis"
6. "Split In Two"
7. "Nothing Without It"
8. "Ulcer"

Label: Dirtnap Records
Buy it here.
Stream it here.

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