Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Hallingtons- Alien Girl EP

As a fan of bands like The Yum Yums, The Promdates, and The Dahlmanns, Norway is a place that has held a good reputation with me for quite some time. It's always nice to discover another cool one from there and I believe I first heard of The Hallingtons close to a couple years ago. Their name was appealing to me so checking them out seemed to have some promise and that hunch was right! Established since 2009, they've been another solid glimmer of hope for Ramones worshiping pop punk and I've been fond of what they do since the first listen, but have never gotten the chance to write about them. A new EP they just put out called "Alien Girl" has grown on me quickly so that all changes now!

The songs were recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced from the Summer to early Winter of 2014 by The Hallingtons themselves. The cover art featuring a cute and retro looking pinup alien girl posing on her home planet was done by Mikel, making this a  DIY effort all the way through. I think it's admirable to see bands take the initiative like that to get their music heard and the end result is great! Release happened on last Thursday and was made available as a digital download by RTTB Records on their bandcamp page. It's also streaming in full so check it out!

I first heard the title track, "Alien Girl" as a part of the "Tales From The Pop Punk World Vol. 2" monster comp that RTTB released last month and liked it right away. Simply, it's just a catchy little love song about falling in love with an alien girl visiting from another planet but the style of pop punk/punk rock they play is always welcome with me. Definitely melodic, inspired from the genre's golden age, and not over complicated. Jørgen has a very bubblegum quality to his voice and that's something I was drawn to as someone who's into bands like the Beatnik Termites. You don't see it happen too much these days! It's funny I made this reference because coming in right after is a cover of "You Sound Like You're Sick" from Pleasant Dreams which the Termites also did a hell of a job covering entirely. Out of the Ramones discography, the songs from that record transition well for poppier bands and it did for The Hallingtons too. Tor takes the lead on vocals this time, adding in a little diversity with his more powerful tone and it worked out just fine! Four more original tunes follow showing their no nonsense early punk rock with a streak of sweetness approach ranging in subject from silly to sci-fi. The almost one and a half minute tongue-in-cheek ode of distaste for poseurs called "Part Time Punks" was my favorite of those with it's more aggressive approach, catchy bass lines from Mikel, and great hook. The EP ends with another well loved classic which is The Queers' "I Met Her At The Rat", once again having a heavy dose of the guys' persona with both Jørgen and Tor singing. It's important for songs like that to survive and be handed down to influence the next generation. Good choice!

"Alien Girl" took very little effort for me to get into and if you dig the classic approach, I think you'll be into it as well. Add the release to your digital collection and the guys are already working on new material so stay tuned to The Hallingtons facebook page to see what's next!

 The Hallingtons are...
Mikel Hallington- Bass and Vocals
Jørgen Hallington- Guitar and Vocals 
Tor Hallington- Drums and Vocals

All songs written by Jørgen Hallington except for: "Saucermen" by Andy Hallington, "You Sound Like You're Sick" by Dee Dee Ramone and "I Met Her At The Rat" by Joe Queer.

1. Alien Girl
2. You Sound Like You're Sick
3. Slob 
4. Part Time Punks
5. I Don't Wanna Go To Work
6. Saucermen
7. I Met Her At The Rat

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