Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Senzabenza- Especially For You

A movement cannot exist without it's door openers. In 1989 when Italy's pop punk realm didn't exist just yet, there was a newly formed band named Senzabenza coming out of Latina with an idea that would soon change things. With no constraints from any kind of labeling in a pre-Internet age, they began to play their own conceptualized brand of punk rock called "Flower Punk Rock". This style was absent of the more aggressive and political tones of hardcore punk you'd most often hear in those days, and much more geared towards a melodic sound. They've accomplished a great deal of successes in the 26 years of their existence and are very responsible for helping others like the Manges get exposure in their early days on the wonderful Flower Punk Rock Compliation CD they released in 95'. Plain and simple, this band is to be admired for being the spark to a now rich history of pop punk that vibrantly endures in Italy to this day. 2003 was the last year to see a release from Senzabenza and it is my great pleasure to write about them for the first time today because they have a great new single 7" out called "Especially For You"!  

The songs were recorded during November of 2014 at New Mood Recording Studio by Frederic Mazzei. I've been a fan of his work from the Proton Packs to more recently with Tough and once again, he's upheld the same level of quality in sound! The cover art and layout is pleasantly uncomplicated, pairing studio imagery with their name. Official release happened on January 16th from One Chord Wonder who has proved itself to be a solid advocate for quality Italian bands over the last year and a half of it's operation. The 7" is highly limited with an already sold out special edition of only 20 copies featuring a photo story cover and then the still available 200 regular edition copies on black vinyl. A digital download code is of course included. Digital only can be purchased through the OCW bandcamp page and you can stream it there in full too.

Two songs await to be played on the record that will appeal to any punk rocker with a quickness! Side A features the original and title track, "Especially For You" which is simply a good pop punk song and exactly the kind I prefer. More punk than pop! Remember when someone would say "pop punk" and that's what you could expect? I miss that dearly and these veterans restore that purity with melodically heavy guitars, a fast and steady tempo from the drums, then Nando's great vocals that deliver a relatable message of annoyance in the lyrics. The B side has a unique choice of cover. Originally a country song, "Wichita Lineman" has made quite the journey through many different genres since it's start in 1968, being covered by anyone from Johnny Cash to Ray Charles and this time gets translated to Flower Punk Rock! The song works well in Senzabenza's style with some cool leads played over the chorus and a nice solo. 

I really enjoy seeing longtime bands like Senzabenza still coming to the table with new material after all these years because the beautiful lineage that's delivered in the way they play is more than needed. Especially to the youngest wave in our scene that sometimes needs to be reminded where it comes from! Pick up this little gem from One Chord Wonder or Striped Music(who also has some kick ass old school t-shirts of theirs available!) before it's gone and stay tuned to the guys' facebook page for all upcoming news if you haven't yet! 

Senzabenza is...
Nando Ferdinandi- Vocals and Guitar
Sebi Filgi- Guitar 
Massy Raimondi- Bass
Max Bergo- Drums  

Side A
Especially For You
Side B
Wichita Lineman

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