Monday, March 31, 2014

The Manges- Plan Honolulu Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 7"

My little heart has been soaring in anticipation since last November, when I saw a picture of four wonderful men from Italy in the studio. While they've participated on a few splits, there hasn't been a new Manges full length LP since 2010 and holy shit the world needs them, like right now! A wonderful 7" called Plan Honolulu Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is out, marking the beginning of their return and the start of a countdown to the the new record, "All Is Well"(click here for a teaser clip). This is a very special release and thank Dee Dee The Manges are back, so let's talk about it!!

The songs were recorded and mixed at TUP Studio in Brescia, Italy by Brown Barcella and Pierluigi Ballarin during Dec of 2013-Jan of 2014. Mastering was done by Jon Astley at Close To The Edge Mastering in Twikerham, UK. Release happened on March 7th, in the amount of 300 copies by a newer label in Italy that's quickly becoming one of my favorites, One Chord Wonder Records250 pieces were pressed to black along with an extremely limited special edition with a different cover on color vinyl in the amount of 50 pieces. A digital download is included. If you haven't ordered it yet, you already missed the boat on the color vinyl, sorry!! I've got 180 of 300 on black and will treasure it always. 

The cover deserves it's own section of  explanation so here it is! With the single being "Plan Honolulu", The Manges came up with an awesome idea of turning it into a movie plot. I won't spill the details because they weren't revealed and I think you should own it to know it, however will let you know it's pretty hilarious! The front is a great picture by Mass Mosrite of the guys in character, looking incognito in bright Hawaiian shirts and dark sunglasses, then the back is where you'll find the screenplay by Manuel Cossu. Included inside and also tying into the story is an all acess pass for the famous Manges' gig with Elvis Presley in La Spezia, '73. This has the download code on it. All the details are so pretty with the production of this layout, right down to the labels.

As far as what you can expect to hear, some fantastic things are happening. With TUP being a vintage studio, The Manges great ability to steadily evolve each time they record, then having HervĂ© Peroncini of the Peawees and his wonderfully experimental vision brought in as producer, that most definitely means the sound saw some changes. The guitars are a lot more cleaned up and brighter paired with the classic setup of the studio really giving them a chance to push their talents even further. Make no mistake to assume the punk rock sound was lost though! It's still very present. The effort of this session shows a band that is mature and can strongly maintain who they are while working in some newness. I really love the result. This is the first look into what "All Is Well" will be like since "Plan Honolulu" was taken from it. This is just a fun upbeat punk rock song with a funny story that lyrically fits in with the movie plot. I always love the imagination in these guys, that's what makes them such great story tellers and songwriters. The B Side, "I'm Giving Up" is really cool too, a song that falls within the meaner side of The Manges and shows Mayo's influence in the band appearing as a co-writer on this one. 

So there's my take on "Plan Honolulu Original Motion Picture Soundtrack". Surely it will sell out if you wait much longer so make a move and write to OCW or place an order with the Striped distro!! This is such a special little gem to own as a collector and I cannot wait until April 24th for more from this band that means so much to me! ❤️

The Manges are:
Andrea- Guitar/Vocals
Mayo- Guitar
Mass- Bass
Manuel- Drums

Side A
1. Plan Honolulu(written by Maunel/Andrea)
Side B
2. I'm Giving Up(Written by Mayo/Andrea)

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