Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Same heart, new adventure!

Hey guys!!
Here's a quick introduction for those that may or may not know me. I'm Sara Ramone, formerly of I Buy Records. Since parting ways with IBR, I've decided to start my own webzine and here it is, Ramona Confidential.
I'll mainly be doing record reviews, interviews with some great people, and occasionally you'll catch a live report, but there are also some other nice surprises in store!
My main desire as far as what I'd like to accomplish with Ramona Confidential is to preserve what I love as a music fan. Good punk rock and pop punk as it was at it's inception can sadly be on life support at times and I don't want to see the spirit lost. With those being my two greatest loves, you'll find they're not exclusive to my interest(check the music section on my profile if you're curious to see what I'm into) and will see some variance from time to time with what I publish.
I can be quite the Dee Dee when it comes to technology but as soon as I've got everything figured out, I aim to put up a new post at least weekly so let's remember rock 'n' roll radio and have some fun! 

Looking forward to this❤️


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