Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pool Party- Pool Party Number One

The concept of stirring the pot seems to be something that many people who hang around the scene these days tend to balk at and I just don't get it. That type of majority enforced censorship makes me wonder if these people actually listen to music they claim to like because since the dawning of punk rock's inception, bands have been raising a middle finger to what's comfortable and that my friends is part of what makes it exciting!! I often wonder what these people would think if bands like the Ramones, Dwarves, Sloppy Seconds, or Angry Samoans were just playing their first shows tomorrow? Surely any of those four wouldn't give a shit and I'm glad there's still newer bands pursuing creative expression on their own terms like Pool Party. While I haven't followed them since their start, this quartet of guys who take on some outlandish personas to make catchy songs from Florida first caught my attention with a song called "Teenage Weirdo" a couple years ago. They've got a brand new LP out called "Pool Party Number One" and that's what I'll be covering this time!

The songs were recorded during January of 2014 by Rick Carmona who also shares a producer credit with Pool Party and mastering was handled by the always reliable talents of Dave Williams at Eight Floors Above Mastering. Brian Butler at Upperhand Art took inspiration from the cover art of 2 Live Crew's "Move Somethin" and transformed it into a brightly rendered cartoon version of the band, still including the big butt, and a awesome lyrics disclaimer haha. This coordinates perfectly with the LP which is a really pretty yellow with blue splatter! Now all these choices were sorted and ready to roll shortly after the recording was wrapped and it should have been out before the year's end, but due to the nightmare that happens far too often these days with pressing plants focusing on some garbage like a RSD reissue that's easily found on discogs, this record got pushed all the way to April 7th, 2015... The only way to solve this problem is to STOP buying that crap and support the smaller labels that are busting their asses to bring something cool to you. Record store day should be any damn day and a true music lover shouldn't need a gimmick to support the cause. Rant over. It needed to be said. The LP and CD are brought to you by Mooster Records and It's Alive Records. Check out the Mooster Records bandcamp page to stream it in full or buy digital only!  

I scored a promo CD from the always fantastic people of Mooster back in November and was immediately smiling from what I heard out of the first song which is the title track, "Pool Party Number One". The stage is set for sleaze, fun times, and the guys being number one at it of course in a Sloppy Seconds kind of way with a great solo. A unique dimension is added in by Creep Guirdo's always sleazy and exotic vocals. Next up in the first few seconds, you hear a growl coming out of Hand Gloveless who takes the lead for "Underwater Lights Out". I really like the Joey Vindictive influence you can hear in his vocals with the Vindictives being one of my all time favorite bands and this song too is just as fun, following suit with the opening track's bravado. Two fun punk rock songs lead into 12 more and some of my favorites were "M.I.A In M.I.A" featuring both Creep Guirdo and Hand Gloveless trading off on lead vocals, "Undress For Success" with it's well written bridge and leads, and the very rock 'n' roll "Straight Skin". "Freaking Out" ventures into a little different territory with it's slowed down tempo in the verses and more experimental guitar parts. They really nailed the feeling of anxiety through sound in that one! "Drinking By The Pool" kicks things back into party mode and the closer "This Party's Never Over", that's very classic Pool Party and has some cool sounding keyboards!

It kinda sucked that this record was so delayed but in a way, the timing of the release kinda clicks because I think it works out great as a summer record. Get with Mooster or It's Alive for you copy and it seems like Pool Party is always on the move with new plans so follow their facebook page if you haven't done so yet!

Pool Party is...
Creep Guirdo- Vocals and Guitar
Dick Dumb- Bass and Backing Vocals
Hand Gloveless- Vocals and Guitar
"Inner" Toobs Malloy- Drums and Backing Vocals

With Special Guests...
Joe The MC-1 Koontz2- Baritone Guitar on "Freaking Out"
Vic Vaporu- Keys on "Pool Party Number One" and "This Party's Never Over"

All songs written by Pool Party except for "Drinking By The Pool", written by the Dogmatics

1. Pool Party Number One
2. Underwater Lights Out
3. I Don't Feel Like It
4. S.L.O.W
5. Favorite Girls
6. M.I.A In M.I.A
7. Undress For Success
8. Baby Pants
9. Straight Skin
10. Boob Massage
11. Strut My Stuff
12. Freaking Out
13. Drinking By The Pool
14. This Party's Never Over

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