Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Neon Bone- Sick Of Me

I've got a twenty second rule whenever I hear something new. If a song doesn't grab me within that time frame, it's on to the next and I have never proven myself wrong with choosing to let my intuition guide me as a Resident Riff Randell in this rock 'n' roll world. With that being said, Neon Bone is a band that has never failed this test with me once. Armed with a very natural capability to write catchy pop punk/punk rock songs, Lars has hits the mark every time and I'm always so impressed he can continue that with that level of quality when he's put out five releases in the under three years I've been a fan of his. That's something not just anyone can do! Last December when I reviewed "Year Zero", I mentioned that he was in the process of recording the next batch of songs that would be coming out this year. What I didn't mention is I had already gotten to hear the demos and was very much looking forward to a moment that has now arrived for us all to discover a great new 7" from this one man, kick ass machine from Germany called "Sick Of Me".

The whole process before release was handled entirely by Lars this time! He recorded, mixed, and mastered the songs during late 2014. With this being his first completely solo run of doing all that on his own, it sounds great! Staying in a Neon Bone tradition that makes collecting his records so fun and never having any two album covers that are alike, he designed one based off of an underground comic, "The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers". The inspiration's charm really carries through and ties into the title, depicting a cartoon Lars, out on the street! Official release happened on April 13th and is being made possible by none other than the purveyors of fine European punk rock, Monster Zero Records! The 7" is available right now on their webstore and you can find it digitally on Neon Bone's bandcamp page where you guessed it, the whole thing is also streaming for your listening pleasure. As a highly ranking member in the church of vinyl, I of course recommend the real thing but definitely go press play so you can check the songs out!

The title track "Sick Of Me"is first in line to be heard on Side A, showcasing the high energy, classic pop punk sound that he has nailed down! His lyrical premonition of a relationship's end is kept simple and it doesn't have to be anything more with the power and reverence in Lars' vocal capabilities that you can always count on, also shining through. Tying into the visual approach of Neon Bone, any of this project's videos are always entertainingly unique, humorous, and you can see this for yourself in the one he made for this song. Click here to see it and fear not, my fellow punk rockers!! That's a stunt double in the place of my #1 record for 2014. The second track "Bucket Full Of Shame" takes a different turn into a slower pace with some well placed keyboards and a bit of a new wave influence too which pleases me since I've always loved his covers of songs like Depeche Mode's "Not Tonight" as one example. It's always cool to see songwriters work in an inspiration from another genre and blend it to their sound. Side B opens with "Rock 'n' Roll Heart" another resounding quick tempoed track with a great solo and my favorite for this time, "Dreamgirl" closes things out! While I go crazy for punk rock that kicks your ass, I can't help it! A well done ballad always captures me. I've said it before and due to memory loss from being a girl Dee Dee or it being totally essential, I'll say it again that the 50's and 60's are key to pop punk's survival in present day! I'm so glad to see people like Lars not only get this but make original songs that pay tribute to that beautiful foundation of where the best love songs ever made were created! "Dreamgirl" is nothing short of being a little gem that greats like Buddy Holly would be proud of.

After watching a successful tour with a full backing band happen for Neon Bone last month through pictures, this next step of having a 7" be released by one of the best labels in pop punk these days is something that makes me smile because this kind of passion deserves to be noticed! I've seen it from the start when I heard the first track and have no doubts that whatever is next for Lars will be wonderful. Add "Sick Of Me" to your collection, punk rockers and while you're at it, make sure to pick up a free download of "Year Zero" from Neon Bone's bandcamp if you've not done so. Like always, any release outside of the newest one is free on there!

Neon Bone is... 
Lars Hannemann- Everything!

All songs written by Neon Bone

Side A
1. Sick Of Me
2. Bucket Full Of Shame
Side B
3. Rock 'n' Roll Heart
4. Dreamgirl

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