Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Super Giants- The Space Mutant Appears

As a punk rock connoisseur who's been around the block with searching out bands that "get it" for more than two decades, I'd have to say one of the greatest highs I can experience is when I discover. Discovery is a natural high with varying degrees of awesomeness. For instance, when a band you've loved for many years has a new release and you hear it for the first time. Great feeling there but another degree of this musical intoxication I crave and get totally excited for because it's hard to achieve is the kind that comes from hearing a brand new band in their first moment of revealing who they are. A first release can draw me in like a magnet or push me forward with little interest to hear anything else a band does in the future. Like a first kiss almost! If it's good, it's GOOD, and if it's bad, NO THANKS haha. My latest tale of discovery is one with a brand new band and it all started when I met two guys standing on the other side of an Insubordination Fest merch table I was working at in Baltimore during the summer of 2012. I was pretty sure they were withholding some sort of superhero team identity and as of now, I can confirm I was right. They go by the name of Super Giants, have a release called "The Space Mutant Appears", and that's what I'd like to introduce to you all today!

The songs were recorded during June of 2012 at Felder Studio by Carter Felder in Charlottesville, VA who also handled the task of sound engineering and drum programming. Carter has a running history in assisting with both Dustin and Christian's projects. He did a great job as usual! Mastering credits go to TJ Lipple. The vibrant cover art was done by Richard Hansen and really ties into the Japanese anime superhero/supernatural theme that Super Giants are wanting to project. I like it! November 13th, 2014 was the release date of "The Space Mutant Appears". It's a digital only, self release and can be purchased and/or streamed through their bandcamp page. Click here to check it out!

It's always interesting to see a band really go for it in the sense of creating a total atmosphere for what they do and Super Giants have something going that's very appealing to me. Most importantly is the music which has a really kickass Lillingtons (Death By Television/The Backchannel Broadcast) pop punk vibe that also leans into a Riverdales feel. Those two elements are enough to make my little Dee Dee heart skip a beat but it doesn't end there! Any band can play off of influences, and EVERYBODY getting their start after the initial beginning in the pop punk universe does it but what sets a band aside is how they decide to make it their own. Christian and Dustin mutually possess a love for the darker side of sci-fi and the supernatural. There is a campy touch in the sound of the songs that they play but it's real well blended with a heavy streak of  somber obscurity. That's what gives them dimension! These three songs open up with "The White Owl" featuring Dustin on vocals. It's got a perfect downstroke that's fast, catchy, and menacing, giving a strong foundation to a tale of the horror experienced by an alien abductee. This is the most powerful I've ever heard him sing and I love it! Christian steps up to take the vocal duties for the other two tracks, "World At My Mercy" being the first which is an awesome tribute to Ed Wood's "Bride Of The Monster". I love the concept of both guys singing because he has such a different vocal approach that adds another layer to this band. It has more of a crooner sound with an endearing 50's/60's quirkiness. He's the romantic! This mid tempo gem finishes with an abrupt stop and that leads you to the closer, "Space Madness". This one has a neat balance of an other worldly and common elements, as a story unfolds with a couple escaping the end of the world to live in space but falling out of love as they lose their sanity. Songs that are demented and pretty at the same time capture my heart easily so I am a fan of this man's skill as a lyricist. There's also some fantastic leads on guitar!

Now I know this is only three songs but hopefully I've peaked your curiosity enough to check out Super Giants because they've already got me in their clutches! Stream the songs, add them to your collection, and don't get too comfortable because an exciting new development is already being hatched. The guys are in the process of demoing the next release which will be a four song EP featuring the addition of a live drummer who's identity I will keep shrouded in mystery for now but take my word for it, he's one hell of a catch! Make sure to go like their facebook page to stay tuned as the story of Super Giants unfolds... I think we're in for something good with them!

Super Giants are...
Christian Golden- Guitar and Vocals
Dustin Umberger- Bass and Vocals

All songs written by Super Giants 

1. The White Owl
2. World At My Mercy
3. Space Madness

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