Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Apers- Confetti On The Floor

This year has been one of my most favorite in a LONG time not just for the amount of quality pop punk/punk rock releases that have happened, but also the number of people who I consider to be great teachers making their presence known once more. These people who got their start in the early to mid 90's are so important to music and with the way things can be at the moment, I ask the four angels to see their returning in great numbers to show how it's done once more. I've already been an overwhelmed little Riff Randell to experience all that's happened up to this point and just when I thought it couldn't get any cooler, holy shit, The Apers decided to join in too!! They haven't been totally quiet since their last full length LP, appearing on some splits here and there but this is what I was waiting for, an album because it's been way too long and we need it. The moment came together in a collection of thirteen songs grouped together under the title of "Confetti On The Floor". Let's check it out!

The songs were recorded during August 9th-14th at T.U.P. Studio in Brescia, IT by Bruno Barcella and Alessio Lonati who both also took on the role of producer. I absolutely adored the job this studio did with the newest Manges record and this time is no different. With their 50's-70's analog setup, I think they possess such a unique capability to create a sound that's bold and completely tailored to the band's style that they work with each time. Be it punk rock, power pop, or pop punk. There's lots of integrity in that vintage sound! Mastering was done by The Hand Of Doom. The artwork was done by Kevin Aper, a painting of confetti dots against a neutral background which I liked a lot! The Apers have always been able to do all their talking once you press play or drop the needle so a simple cover is good! Official release date happened last Thursday on October 23rd and you can find this record on Monster Zero Records' webstore in the formats of CD,or a GORGEOUS confetti splatter on white vinyl LP(check it out here!). I have to own that vinyl asap. Digital only is available on their newly created bandcamp page where you can also stream the record in full and it should be on iTunes soon as well!

I've always loved The Apers for their balance of absolute talent, tongue in cheek humor, and honesty backed by full on passion. As a music fan who tends to be drawn to the risk takers, I welcome it. That's what punk rock is all about! Saying what you want. This spirit is waiting right behind the front door when the record starts and you hear the first track, "Global Holocaust". Hey, we all have days where we don't like so many people and Kevin is brave enough to turn that feeling into a hilarious song talking about doing away with the problem entirely. Of course in a very catchy way and it has a feeling that's very reminiscent of their early days. I dig it! "To The Bar For Cocktails" is a quick burst of frustration and relief, then it's onto the next, "Jamie Oliver". A tale of misfortune set against a great mid tempo pop punk melody about a severely botched romantic dinner plan. The next one, "Early Dementia" also has a humorous tone lyrically with the topic of forgetting everything, a great solo, and was written by none other than Marien Nicotine! I love both the song and the idea of his contributing to a band I'll always see him as very much a part of. There's two cool cover choices as well, "Break Stuff" by the Priceduifkes and a fantastic rendition of Barry McGuire's "Eve Of Destruction". I've always thought this song works well in punk rock translation when I hear the Dickies version and The Apers really made it their own too! I liked the little twist in the ending verse where it's updated to current times. You have to go all out to represent the magnitude of lyrics like that and they really did! "Mozzarella No More" has that quick, punch you in the face Ramones energy and is the shortest song on the record, clocking in at thirty nine seconds. The guys didn't leave romance out entirely either and you'll hear it in "Totally Barzotto For You". I bet all my Italian friends are laughing right now because of what "barzotto" means but it still falls within the category! "Moonlight Kisses" is the sweeter love song though and my absolute favorite with such a lovely breakdown. It's pure pop perfection. Okay, now when I saw that song title "Dear Ben", I had an inkling of what it may be about, and guess what? I was right...and almost spit coffee out of my nose when the chorus came on haha. Very Weasel-esque guitars in there too! I think it's about time someone makes a little light of that particular situation. There was already so much to love in going through the twelve tracks leading up to the last which also goes by the album title "Confetti On The Floor". It's super hard to choose an overall favorite on this record due to how much diversity is present in the material that was pieced together with such cohesion but if you're forcing me to say it or give you my vinyl collection, this is the one. First off, the arrangement is immaculate but the lyrics themselves had such a deep and moving effect on me. It reminds you to appreciate the moment, no matter where you are in your life because that's always gonna change. Amazing way to close it out!!

The Apers are most certainly not confetti on the floor and show with this brand new effort that they're the kind that's still in motion. Still as relevant as they were when it all started back in 1996, and just as needed too! "Confetti On The Floor" may have came in as 2014 is winding down but it's easily claiming a spot in my top ten for the year. It was more than worth the wait. The guys are on the road right now supporting it through Europe with the So-Cho Pistons from Japan as their tour mates and it won't be wrapping until the 1st of November. Check the dates on their facebook page and of course stay tuned by giving it a like if you haven't already. Not much more to say here other than pick up that wonderful pop punk record and go Apers, go!!

The Apers are...
Kevin Aper- Vocals, Bass
Ivo Backbreaker- Drums
Max Power- Guitar
Mikey Bat Bite- Guitar

1. Global Holocaust
2. To The Bar For Cocktails
3. Jamie Oliver
4. Early Dementia
5. Break Stuff
6. Stop It Now
7. Always Hate Work
8. Mozzarella No More 
9. Totally Barzotto For You
10. Moonlight Kisses 
11. Dear Ben
12. Eve Of Destruction
13. Confetti On The Floor 

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