Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jughead's Basement Two Year Anniversary

"Respect your history, it is beautiful."-me 
When thinking of music and it's broad reach into my soul as a punk rocker, that's a principle of mine I find to be important. Simply for the fact that if you choose to take on a way of life, embracing the history of it's culture makes you first, sincere in your convictions and then treasure this choice all the more. Surely I'm not the one who made up that statement but it means a lot to me and I always am elated to see others show it in the things they do. That is precisely why I am choosing to step away from my usual reviews/interviews and this time focus on a wonderful podcast I very much believe in and it's two year celebration of being in existence, Jughead's Basement

John who we all know as legendary co-creator of Screeching Weasel, Author, and Neo-Futurist started back in September of 2012 with an idea to give a detailed look at records from his own collection in a very meticulous way. By means of his warm and candid interviewing skill, he gives a very much in person experience to the record through the words of band members, studio personnel, and various contributors. That paired with writer's and performance pieces by various friends he calls upon also give a very personal touch. Whether you know the selected album like the back of your hand or not, there's always something new to discover and this formula keeps it very interesting! Thirteen episodes have transpired over the two year period featuring anyone from Operation Ivy, Screeching Weasel, The Mr. T Experience, and The Queers just to name off a few of my favorites. Things aren't slowing down either since our pal has relocated to Japan. Upcoming shows are confirmed with CrimpshrineBig Black, The Pogues, another MTX, and one I'm extremely excited for, The Vindictives!! I'm not going to fill this space any further with my chatter because I want you to give the show a listen. Below, you'll see a directory of sorts with each episode listed. There is a link to redirect you to it in the record title. Support this wonderful show by listening and sharing with your friends so it can continue growing. I most certainly will!

Episode 1- Repo Man
With writer's pieces by: Molly Brennan, Graham Rae, Stephen Walker, Matt O'Neill, Mike Watt, Danny Thompson, Joe Spadaro, Gregory S. Allen, Eric T. Roth.

Episode 2- Screeching Weasel's "My Brain Hurts"
Featuring interviews with: Dan Vapid, Dan Panic, and Larry Livermore.
With writer's pieces by: Kevin Prested, Chris Fields, Andrea Manges, Tim Stafford, Mass Giorgini, Jim Testa, Kyle Kinane, Dan Tefler, Rob Q. Tefler, and Kody Templeman.

Episode 3-  The Minutemen's "Double Nickels On The Dime"(Part One)
Featuring interviews with: Mike Watt and Dirk Vandenburg.
With writer's pieces by: Emma Casey, Douglas O'Rourke, Bob Stockfish, Eric T. Roth, Steve Walker, and Mike Yannich.

Episode 4- The Minutemen's "Double Nickels On The Dime"(Part Two)
Continuation of Episode 3 with same interviewees and writers, this time discussing the final two sides of the record.

Episode 4- Operation Ivy's "Energy"
Featuring interviews with: Jesse Michaels and Lookout Records co-founder, Larry Livermore.
With writer's pieces by: Tim Stafford, Joe Jacob, Bradley Adita, Matt Ellin, Connor Kalista, and Sonja Amazonka.

Episode 5- Tom Wait's "Rain Dogs"
Featuring performance pieces by: Ryan Good, Greg Allen, Joe Janes, Don Hall, Mike O'Connel, Jen Ellison, Bilal Dardai, Cara Francis, Ian Belknap, Steve Walker, Daniel Kerr-Hobert, and John "Jughead" Pierson.

Episode 6- The Lillingtons' "Death By Television"
Featuring interviews with: Kody Templeman, Tim O'Hara, Cory Laurence, Mass Giorgini, Dan Lumley, and Fat Mike.
With writer's pieces by: Tor Egil Frostelid, Greg Allen, Sara Ramone, Jeromy L. Corp, Sam West, Nick Miner, and Eric T. Roth.

Episode 7- The Feelies' "The Good Earth"
Featuring interviews with: Glenn Mercer, Bill Million, Dave Weckerman, Brenda Sauter, and Stan Demeski.
With writer's pieces by: Jim Testa, Jim DeRogatis, Edmund O'Brien, Audrey Zee Whitesides, and John "Jughead" Pierson.

Episode 8- Naked Raygun's "Throb Throb"
Guest co-host, Dan Vapid
Featuring interviews with: Jeff Pezzati, Camilo Gonzalez, Jim Colao, John Haggerty, Eric Spicer, and Steve Albini.
With writer's pieces by: Steve Walker, Eric T. Roth, and Jim DeRogatis.

Episode 9- The Mr. T Experience's "Love Is Dead"
Featuring interviews with: Frank(Dr. Frank) Portman, Jym Pittman, Joel Reader, Kevin Army, and Christopher Appelgren.
With writer's pieces by: Michael T. Fournier and Evan Hanover.

Episode 10- The Jazz Butcher's "A Scandal In Bohemia"
Featuring interviews with: Pat Fish, Max Eider, Owen Jones, and David J.
With performance pieces by Brian Nemtusak, and Scott Hermes.

Episode 11- The Queers' "Don't Back Down"
Featuring interviews with: Joe King, B-Face, J.J. Rassler, Mass Giorgini, Wimpy Rutherford, Lisa Marr, and Les Hernandez.
With writer's pieces by: Sara Ramone and Kevin Aper.

Episode 12- Adrenalin O.D.'s "Humongousfungusamongus" 
Featuring interviews with: Paul Richard, Jack Steeples, Dave Scott, Bruce Wingate, and Lenny Sblendorio
With writer's piece by: Jim Testa.

Episode 13- Angry Samoans' "Back From Samoa"
Featuring interviews with: "Metal Mike" Saunders, Gregg Turner, Todd Homer, Bill Vockeroth, and Jeff Dahl
Biographical piece written by Angry Samoans guitarist, PJ Galligan, recited by: Beauregard Marie.
With writer's piece by: Eric T. Roth.

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