Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One Chord Wonder Fanzine #001

At the beginning of April, my friend and the illustrious owner of One Chord Wonder Records, Davide Speciani approached me with a request for assistance on an idea of his. I was quickly interested for a few reasons being my respect for his philosophy on punk rock, that I like the label very much, and lastly my draw to his great sense of humor which transfers into everything he does creatively. He told me he had an idea to make a fanzine for the label with pieces done by different members of the bands he had done releases for so far and wanted to print it in not just Italian but also English. The request was for me to help with sorting out the translations. My prompt answer was of course yes with this being something I enjoyed doing at my previous webzine and do still in various other projects for my punk rock family in Italy because my firm belief is: in order for it to get off of life support, we gotta make the movement global! All scenes need to connect. So I was excited and not long after, I started to receive the drafts for a project my heart is close to, the first edition of the One Chord Wonder Fanzine.

Inside the cool cover done by Tony Kelvin Mazzeo, you'll find a wide variety of topics ranging from editorial pieces, very candid retelling of personal moments, great interviews(there's one with CJ!), extremely well done fiction, and just flat hilarious stories. After going through each piece and just to name a some thoughts I had as a reader, I have decided: financing Manuel Manges career as an author will go on my 'when I'm rich someday' list(he's really that good!), Dave is even more funny than I thought, Frederic Mazzei should be paid extra for 'special' requests in his studio, and I would love to go through adventures/brushes with death like Andrea Manges. Each contributor really did a good job with their part though and as an added bonus to the story of the Shits who are Dave's first band, the release of their album recorded 13 years ago finally is seeing the light of day and is included with the zine on CD. I think it's pretty cool to see little pieces of the past like that come to life after waiting so long. Not much more to say here other than it was an honor to have a small role in the project. This was a great idea and nice way to mark the time after eight OCW releases done so far. Hopefully there will be more issues made. Get in touch with the label for your copy of the zine in your choice of Italian or English and definitely check out what they've made happen so far on their bandcamp page. It's good music and all of it is streaming in full.

Support the smaller independent labels, punk rockers. They're the ones who make a difference!

Zine Credits...
Tony Kelvin Mazzeo of The Ponches- Cover artwork
Andrea Manges of the Manges- "Random Memories"
Temporal Rob of Temporal Sluts- "Shitville Confidential"
Simone Riccobelli of the Riccobellis- "Either you're in it, or you'll never get it"
Dave of Drawing Dead / Morbeats- "The first time I saw you"
Lorenzo Bravi of The Ponches- "Man of the month"
Manuel Manges of the Manges- "Plan Honolulu"
Marco Facheris of the Snookys- "Gigsick"
Lollo Ramone of Drawing Dead- "Punk rock guitars"
Carlo Alberto Rosso of Drawing Dead- "That time when I created Lollo"
Tommy Fever of Thee Mighty Fevers- "Japanese Garage Punk 2014"
Parolone of the Morbeats- "Thee Mighty Fevers interview"
Dave of Drawing Dead Morbeats- "Freddy (New Mood Recording Studio) interview"
Giorgio Prando of the Shits- "The Shits"
Miguel Basetta of the Temporal Sluts- "Teenage Wasteland"
Andrea Facheris of the Snookys- "In love Ms Spock"
The Manges- "CJ Ramone interview"
Roby Riccobelli of the Riccobellis- "How I got trapped in punk rock"
Frederic Mazzei of the Leeches- "New Mood Studio Report: Drawing Dead"
Massi Lanciasassi of the Leeches- "The Top Ten scariest movies"

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